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TemplarMan Engraved Pure Copper Bangle Bracelet

  • The Knights Templar design is shown throughout the bracelet. A bold Knights Head in the middle with "Knights Templar" in a bold font either side. 
  • Templar Seals and Crosses mark the 2 ends of the bracelet. 
  • INCREDIBLY DETAILED - around the bracelet is just details upon details. You will not be disappointed.
  • EXTRA WIDE AND ADJUSTABLE - The copper bracelet is 18mm wide, this is almost three quarters of an inch, it’s the perfect width to enable the intricate design to be appreciated. It is so easy to adjust as you simply squeeze the bracelet to a comfortable fit for your wrist size
  • Gift Pouch - We will send the bracelet in a velvet pouch. Perfect if you plan to use this as a gift, or just want a safe place to store it.
  • PURE COPPER with STRONG high powered 2000 gauss magnets, which is believed to help relieve symptoms of arthritis and carpal tunnel. Please note that this bangle is not suitable for those with pacemakers

This product does contain magnets and is not suitable for those with pacemakers

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