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MasonicMan Engraved Pure Copper Bangle Bracelet

MasonicMan Engraved Pure Copper Bangle Bracelet

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  • INCREDIBLY DETAILED - around the bangle is just details upon details. You will not be disappointed.
  • ADJUSTABLE - The copper can be adjusted to fit
  • EXTRA STRONG high powered 2000 Gauss Magnets helping to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and carpal tunnel. These are the strongest magnets available, much stronger than any other magnetic products on the market!
  • Gift Pouch - We will send the bangle in a velvet pouch. Perfect if you plan to use this as a gift, or just want a safe place to store it.


    This bracelet is made from Titanuim which is extremely strong and durable but low maintence so you can wear it everyday and it will not cause reactions that steel and copper may cause.

    Shipping & Returns

    Shipping and returns are simple and free in the USA & UK.


    8.5 inches long / .47 inches wide with free size adjusting tool included. This allows you to easily adjust the size of the bracelet at home so it always fits your wrists perfectly.

    Care Instructions

    We recommend keeping your bracelet in a safe place when not being worn such as the premium gift box that is included with each order. Bracelet not suitable for those with a pacemaker.

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