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Introducing the Masonic Passport

What is a Masonic Passport and what is it used for?

The Masonic Passport is meant to be used primarily as a unique way to record travels to new lodges and to encourage visits in order to fill up the passport.

How do I use a Masonic Passport?

This step is easy. Once you have filled out all the necessary information on your passport, take it whenever you travel. Enjoy looking back on the memories in the passport.

What this Masonic passport isn't

This Masonic Passport isn't an official document. We have many emails from all around the world asking if this will entitle them to visit any lodge and any country. This is not a real passport, only made to look similar to one.

Why the MasonicMan Passport?

The MasonicMan passport offers a great quality passport at a very reasonable price. We spent months working on the design for this passport and worked with a printer to get the right combination of paper quality and front cover. The end result is outstanding for the price we offer at. We have yet to receive one complaint on the quality of the passport, everyone who receives it agrees that our quality is great. 

What does the Masonic Passport look like on the inside?

The inside of the passport is very impressive. Take a look at these photos below to get an idea of what you an expect. The first pages are dedicated to the about you and your lodge. The other pages are all there to represent lodge visits to new lodges. 

The detail in the pages is something that is alway praised. If you look at the background of the pages, you will see that the design mimics that of an actual passport. The lines and the subtle square and compass really set this passport up to be a great buy.

Where can I buy one?

We recommend buying more at a time as we offer great savings and you can always go onto the second once you have filled the first in. Our most popular set is 10 passports - Click Here to Order

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