What advice would you give to someone wanting to become a Freemason?

What advice would you give to someone wanting to become a Freemason?

Last week we posted an article about how to go about starting the process of becoming a Freemason. We wanted to ask the community on what they think is a good piece of advice to give to someone wanting to become a Freemason

Best Replies

Brian P. "Don't be in a hurry, sometimes knowledge comes in drips and sometimes it comes in waves."

Jack M. "What you get out of it is how much you put into it."

Michael J. "Make sure it's in your heart and have the time it takes to learn"

Jakob Z. "Remain committed to attending posted meetings and other lodge events."

Jody T. "It takes a good man and makes him better. One of the best things I ever did."

Ezra N. "You will definitely meet good people, as a good man to make you better. But the journey depends on you and everything you need for the journey is within."

Ben P. "Join the right lodge and show commitment"


Thoughts to takeaway

It's great as a community that we can share these ideas. Especially on social media, there are a lot of people wanting to find more information about the journey and what is required from the individual. It is great that we can share some tips and pointers on what will help the journey. 

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I wanted to be like my father.He was a quite man.He was a humble man.He was a wise man.The Lord could not have given me a better father,coach,tutor and friend.I believe my father was honored and proud that I asked him how and when i may attemped to become a Master Mason.A good friend friend of the family(a hard working man and dad signed my petition….On my Third ,when it was over my mother’s pldest Brother presented me a mansonic ring…I believe the best Thing I learned was to be humble and always look to the East.I am a better man and person due to a kind father and the teachings of the Blue Lodge.SO MOTE IT BE>

Timothy waldrep

I am studying from my mother who was an eastern 🌟 on how to be a better man I have all her rights

Antonio J Mcclarenl



You have to feel something that has to drive you becoming someone who is better than ever before…

Leonard Mayunga

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