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What do you think is the best thing about being a Freemason?

Welcome to our new blog! We want to have a series where we ask Freemasons questions on social media and then select some to show here. 

Week 1:


Some of the best answers:

fatmanfly357 "The limitless knowledge and being around people of different walks of life that want to do more good just like you....."


_thattalentedkid "I have great brothers who always there even through bad times yo🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏 I will forever remain a Freemason never will turn my back"

lethalbro2 "Coming together as Brothers and helping others who really need aid and assistance"

nobleclyde3579 "The benefit of obtaining Wisdom that dwells within my heart, allowing me to become an upright man by squaring my actions with Prudence and Justice."

flyingjew "Understand that good and doing good is always attracted to men of understanding and that the light is the only ever lasting thing."

deangelo_quarless "Awareness of the tru meaning of life and understanding and compassion..freemasonry is a way of life that only a selected few may understand that walk of life"

oilrigman "The equality that exists between each brother and how its extended to any and all members of that brothers family"


    Thoughts to takeaway

    This was an interesting question, and honestly I wasn't expecting the answers to follow the same themes as this. In a way it is good that we're all on the same page and understand what being a Freemason is all about. 

    If you have any thoughts or comments on this section, then please comment below. We are hoping to make this a regular post, and we have already asked our second question. Answers are pouring in!


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