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You know you're a Freemason when....

Welcome to our new blog! We want to have a series where we ask Freemasons questions on social media and then select some to show here. 

Week 2:


We had a lot of comments this week! - Over 200 across Facebook and Instagram!

Some of the best answers:



Bob H. "You can recite 7000 words from memory but can't remember what your wife wanted from the grocery store"

Bryan C. "You pay $20 for a $6 dinner lol (kidding)"

Damien A. "😅 When U look at every single car that goes by looking for a compass and square somewhere on it. 😂"

John B "25 years later you still remember those 7,000 + words"



    purky_d "You catch yourself looking at rings on the men around you to see if you can find a square and compass"

    elpresidente476 "You talk to yourself in the car (going over ritual). LOL"

    brotherlswall "You feel part of something very special and you are part of something special"

    kingramos9911 "When you knock three times before opening a door"

    Thoughts to takeaway

    We Freemasons have a good sense of humour. Posting this question, we thought we would receive some funny comments, but in the end the majority were! Thanks everyone for the comments.

    If you have any thoughts or comments on this section, then please comment below. We are hoping to make this a regular post, and we have already asked our second question. Answers are pouring in!


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    2 Responses

    Samuel Mepham

    Samuel Mepham

    July 19, 2018

    When you knock on a door and are surprised that no one has knocked back!

    Shawn Welch

    Shawn Welch

    May 04, 2018

    I remember resighting those 7000 words because of fellow brother, Tim Atkinson, In 2000. I love being one.

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